June 2004: DVD screenshots

Some screenshots from our first working version of the Nekropolis 23 DVD and some information about possible bonus material.

May 2004: Finishing the video, Nekropolis 23 plus Rainer Lange

For more information about the now completed Nekropolis 23 video and some pictures from the cutting of the video, visit our gallery.

Guitarist Rainer Lange (Trigon) joined Nekropolis 23 for a very productive recording and improvisation session. Some images from the session have been uploaded to our gallery.

April 2004: Video session

In April 2004 we did some video filming for a possible future Nekropolis 23-DVD. Chris Karrer from Amon Düül II joined us on violin and guitar for the occasion. More about the filming and some photos on our new Image Gallery page.

Peter Frohmader: Homunculus + Ritual
Homunculus + Ritual
Peter Frohmader: Stringed Works
Stringed Works

Orders: PayPal accepted

It is now possible to order "Nekropolis 23 - Vol.1" with payment by credit card via PayPal. Please visit our ORDER page for details.

Peter Frohmader's "Stringed Works" and "Homunculus + Ritual"

We have been able to get hold of some CDs - beautifully packaged - of Peter Frohmader's two releases on the Swedish Multimood label: "Stringed Works", featuring extended compositions for basses and Chapman stick (Bass Symphony No.2 and No.3, Winter Music and Symphony For Basses And Guitar), and "Homunculus + Ritual", a double CD, which includes both of Peter's albums from 1985 resp. 1987 in full length. If you're interested in ordering any of these, drop us a line at [email protected]. Prices are 15,- Euro for "Stringed Works" and 20,- Euro for the Double-CD (including shipping to Germany; other countries: please inquire).

About Nekropolis 23

Nekropolis 23 celebrate music as "extemporaneous action" - collective improvisation. This is something known from Freejazz. But Peter Frohmader and his band speak the language of Rock. They don't care for unending, tentative, resultless experimentation. Booming bass riffs, stylish keyboards and percussive action leave no doubt about that - and yet these ingredients are combined with irritating harmonic and melodic liberties. One could perceive the resulting aural puzzles as bizarre, angular, psychedelic, even refreshing. In any case they force the audience to let go of familiar standards, to feel and experience the music ad-hoc - like the musicians themselves.

"Vol. 1", the first album by Nekropolis 23, was recorded live in the band's rehearsal space. Improvised music can only be created in a live or quasi-live context. The abandonment of polished studio sounds mirrors the confidence of a group of experienced musicians. Peter Frohmader has released many albums on well-known record labels. Holger Röder is owner of the music school "Drum Art Studio" in Munich. And Udo Gerhards has played and recorded with the German Progressive Rock band Scythe. This core trio is augmented by violinist Matthias Friedrich, Richard Aicher on electronics and other guests.

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